The C-CLASS: Leaders inspiring, transforming and transcending

In 2009 Beyond Plan B (BPB) starts operations in New York City USA to expand companies internationally to new markets: cross-selling, new territories, strategic alliances. Positioning new products, services and brands (personal/corporate). Having a large worldwide network and marketing platforms such as publishing and content events.

In 2019 The C-Class opens as a business line of BPB with HQ in Mexico City and to focus on the Tech Market and Strategies for the Digital Age

The C-Class offers personal, professional and brand development for the C level (CEO, CMO, CIO, CFO ...). Therefore, the OPTIONAL opportunity to be Tech strategists for local or international projects, workshops, conferences or publications.

We also propose territorial or international expansion and close monitoring of the ROI of our clients Tech companies for which we open new markets, in new territories. We open representation and business in multiple locations for our clients. Customized solutions to optimize their business results.

Development and International Expansion of Brands and Tech Businesses
Development and Management of International Experts and their personal brands

⇒   Representation and International Expansion
⇒   Headhunting with headhunters
⇒   Tech Business to Business Match
⇒   Leadership in action: Life project by It's all about people
⇒   Export C talents and Tech brands
⇒   Reposition C talents and position Tech brands
⇒   Publish C talents and Tech brands
⇒   Development, training and consulting of Tech brands and C-Class talents
⇒   How to sell and negotiate inside and outside of your business with all stakeholders
⇒   Digital Agenda and Strategy
⇒   International Management (Teams and Strategies)
⇒   Get involved in our social projects and MAKE A DIFFERENCE

Ways to be part of it?

As a Member of our community:
(you don't pay for being a member)
(you can be with us and be member or/and board in any other organization of your choice)

⇒   You have access to headhunting services (vacancies, advices, network, etc)
⇒   You have access to our sponsored workshops, events and meetings
⇒   You have access to any of our social projects whenever you want to contribute to our society
⇒   You can be in touch with our international community and share fun as well as best practices
⇒   You can MAKE A DIFFERENCE by participating in our social projects like UNITY (equal opportunities), Guardian Net (families with safe internet use) or Rotary initiatives. As a leader you are part of our collective social contribution.

How to do that?

Just follow our page for workshops, vacancies, events and more. Or just get in touch: The C Class

Let's: Work hard, have fun, make history together!